Checks if packages are up to date to last major versions after update

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composer-versions-check is a plugin for Composer.

It warns user for outdated packages from last major versions after update command.

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Screencast provided by Silentcast.


You can install it either globally (recommended):

composer global require sllh/composer-versions-check

or locally (as require-dev dependency then):

composer require --dev sllh/composer-versions-check


That's it! Composer will enable automatically the plugin as soon it's installed.

Just run composer update command to see the plugin working.


You can configure the plugin via the COMPOSER_HOME/config.json file. Here is the default one:

    "config": {
        "sllh-composer-versions-check": {
            "show-links": false
  • show-links: Shows outdated package links. Set to true to get a larger output, like the demo.