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Laravel's native scheduler allows you to schedule Artisan commands to run every minute.

If you need to execute something with a higher frequency, for example every second, than you've come to the right package. With laravel-short-schedule installed, you can do this:

// in app\Console\Kernel.php

protected function shortSchedule(\Spatie\ShortSchedule\ShortSchedule $shortSchedule)
    // this command will run every second
    // this command will run every 30 seconds
    // this command will run every half a second
    // this command will run every second and its signature will be retrieved from command automatically

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You can install the package via composer:

composer require spatie/laravel-short-schedule

In your production environment you can start the short scheduler with this command

php artisan short-schedule:run

You should use a process monitor like Supervisor to keep this task going at all times, and to automatically start it when your server boots. Whenever you change the schedule, you should restart this command.

Handle memory leaks

To deal with commands that leak memory, you can set the lifetime in seconds of the short schedule worker:

php artisan short-schedule:run --lifetime=60 // after 1 minute the worker will be terminated

After the given amount of seconds, the worker and all it's child processes will be terminated, freeing all memory. Then supervisor (or similar watcher) will bring it back.


Before you can run the php artisan short-schedule:run command in your Lumen project, you should make a copy of the ShortScheduleRunCommand into your app/Commands folder:

cp ./vendor/spatie/laravel-short-schedule/src/Commands/ShortScheduleRunCommand.php ./app/Console/Commands/ShortScheduleRunCommand.php

Next, edit the new ShortScheduleRunCommand.php file, and change the namespace from namespace Spatie\ShortSchedule\Commands; to namespace App\Console\Commands; and you're good to go!


In app\Console\Kernel you should add a method named shortSchedule.

// in app\Console\Kernel.php

protected function shortSchedule(\Spatie\ShortSchedule\ShortSchedule $shortSchedule)
    // this artisan command will run every second
    // this artisan command will run every second, its signature will be resolved from container

Specify the amount of seconds

You can run an artisan command every single second like this:


You can specify a specific amount of seconds using everySeconds


You can even schedule tasks at sub-second frequency. This task will run every half a second.


Scheduling shell commands

Use exec to schedule a bash command.


Preventing overlaps

By default, a scheduled command will run, even if the previous invocation is still running.

You can prevent that by tacking on withoutOverlapping


Between time constraints

Limit the task to run between start and end times.

$shortSchedule->command('artisan-command')->between('09:00', '17:00')->everySecond();

It is safe use overflow days. In this example the command will run on every second between 21:00 and 01:00

$shortSchedule->command('artisan-command')->between('21:00', '01:00')->everySecond();

Truth test constraints

The command will run if the given closure return a truthy value. The closure will be evaluated at the same frequency the command is scheduled. So if you schedule the command to run every second, the given closure will also run every second.

$shortSchedule->command('artisan-command')->when(fn() => rand() %2)->everySecond();

Environment constraints

The command will only run on the given environment.


You can also pass an array:

$shortSchedule->command('artisan-command')->environment(['staging', 'production'])->everySecond();

Composite constraints

You can use all constraints mentioned above at once. The command will only execute if all the used constraints pass.

  ->between('09:00', '17:00')

Maintenance Mode

Commands won't run whilst Laravel is in maintenance mode. If you would like to force a command to run in maintenance mode you can use the runInMaintenanceMode method.


Running Tasks On One Server

Limit commands to only run on one server at a time.



Executing any code when responding to these events is blocking. If your code takes a long time to execute, all short scheduled jobs will be delayed. We highly recommend to put any code you wish to execute in response to these events on a queue.


This event will be fired right before a task will be started. It has these public properties:

  • command: the command string that will be executed
  • process: the instance of Symfony\Component\Process\Process that will be used to execute the command


This event will be fired right before a task has been started. It has these public properties:

  • command: the command string that is being executed
  • process: the instance of Symfony\Component\Process\Process that is executing the command


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