The driver for sending transactional mails using Mailcoach in Laravel

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Mailcoach is an affordable platform for all things mail. It can send campaigns to list of any size. It also provides flexible email automation to set up drip campaigns and more.

Finally, you can also use Mailcoach to send transactional mails. This package contains a driver so you can send any mailable through Mailcoach.

// will be sent through mailcoach

Mail::to('')->send(new OrderShippedMail());

On, you can see an archive of sent mails.


If you activated the feature, you can also see the opens and clicks of all transactional mails. It's also possible to resend any transactional mails straight from the Mailcoach UI.

Additionally, you'll also be able to create email templates on Mailcoach and use those templates in your app. This is great for marketeers without technical knowledge. They can now write mails without a developer needing to make any code changes.

This is how you would send a mail using a Mailcoach template.

public function build()
        ->replacing(['placeholderName' => 'placeHolderValue']);

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