Soluble Components for PHP

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Sol·u·ble provide high-quality, well-tested, standards-compliant libraries that dissolve smoothly in any PHP 5.3+ project.

This is the main repository for soluble components. Please refer to indivual components for more information


Component Description Packagist Quality
FlexStore Versatile data provider, SQL query to JSON/XML/Excel/Datatables....... Latest Stable Version Scrutinizer Code Quality
Normalist Normalize database access across projects Latest Stable Version
Db Database access core libraries and metadata schema readers. Latest Stable Version Scrutinizer Code Quality
Spreadsheet Core Excel library Latest Stable Version
Japha Japha Latest Stable Version Scrutinizer Code Quality


Normalist has been designed to provide an alternative to standard ORM's by allowing models to be dynamically guessed from your database structure, which make them usable without previous definition. Its beautiful API is inspired by Doctrine, Laravel Eloquent and Zend Framework 2, offers simple and intuitive methods to play with your database.





Common database utilities used in various soluble components


Soluble components can be installed via composer. For composer documentation, please refer to

php composer.phar require soluble/solublecomponents:0.*

Alternatively you can install components individually.

php composer.phar require soluble/normalist:0.*


Documentation is hosted on Read the docs

Coding standards

Please follow the following guides and code standards:

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