Universal minimalist database wrapper

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Minimalist (but universal) database wrapper to rule them all (and to not choose).


  • Provide a generic API for handling database access across various implementations.
  • Lightweight, framework adaptive and agnostic.
  • Natively supports mysqli, pdo_mysql, pdo_sqlite drivers.
  • Bridged implementations of zend-db, laravel and doctrine.
    • Access to Oracle, SQL-Server, PostgreSql,...
    • Allow to develop database portable libraries.
  • Adhere to soluble programming standards.


  • PHP 7.1 optional ext-mysqli/PDO

For PHP 5.6+, 7.0+ or HHVM >= 3.9 look at version 1.3. For PHP < 5.6 take the 1.2 version



Instant installation via composer.

$ composer require soluble/dbwrapper

Quick start


Create an adapter from an existing Mysqli connection


use Soluble\DbWrapper;

$conn = new \mysqli($hostname,$username,$password,$database);

$adapter = DbWrapper\AdapterFactory::createAdapterFromResource($conn);

Querying database

Execute SQL

$results = $adapter->query("select * from my_table");
foreach($results as $result) {
    echo $result['my_column'];

Get connection infos

Execute SQL

$connection = $adapter->getConnection();
echo $connection->getCurrentSchema();
echo $connection->getHost();

$resource = $connection->getResource();

API methods


The DbWrapper\AdapterFactory allows to instanciate an Adapter from en existing connection link or resource.

Methods Return Comment
static createAdapterFromResource($resource) AdapterInterface From existing resource (mysqli, pdo)
static createAdapterFromDbal2($dbal) AdapterInterface From doctrine/dbal connection
static createAdapterFromCapsule5($capsule) AdapterInterface From Laravel connection
static createAdapterFromZendDb2($zend) AdapterInterface From zend-db connection


The DbWrapper\Adapter\AdapterInterface provides common operation on your database.

Methods Return Description
query($query) Resultset Iterable results DbWrapper\Result\Resultset
execute($query) void Execute command (set, ...)
quoteValue($value) string Quote value
getConnection() ConnectionInterface ConnectionInterface


The DbWrapper\Result\Resultset is can be easily iterated through a simple foreach loop. Additionnaly you can call the following methods :

Methods Return Description
count() int Count the number of results


The DbWrapper\Connection\ConnectionInterface provides information about your connection

Methods Return Description
getCurrentSchema() `string false`
getResource() mixed Return internal connection (pdo, mysqli...)
getHost() string Return server hostname or IP

Supported databases


soluble/dbwrapper supports natively :

Database PHP ext
Mysql mysqli, pdo_mysql
MariaDb mysqli, pdo_mysql
Sqlite pdo_sqlite

For examples, see the native drivers doc

Userland implementations

Some of the supported databases can be (incomplete list) :

Database Doctrine Laravel Zend
Mysql Yes Yes Yes
MariaDb Yes Yes Yes
Sqlite Yes Yes Yes
Oracle Yes No Yes
Sqlserver Yes Yes Yes
Postgres Yes Yes Yes

For examples, see the userland drivers doc


Initially the reason behind the development of soluble/dbwrapper was to get a reliable and lightweight library to abstract the PDO_mysql and mysqli driver interfaces.

Later on, while developing some libraries, I feel the need for something more framework agnostic that could still be integrated easily into any modern framework. The userland drivers idea was born.


Contribution and pull request are more than welcome, see the contribution guide

Coding standards