Test utilities for solido suite

v0.3.0 2022-02-16 14:35 UTC


This package contains some testing utilities common to various solido suite packages.

Functional tests


Provides assertions to check content and deep properties of a returned json response. The response has to be provided by a static getResponse method and must be an instance of Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response.

Property paths

The assertions in this trait allow checking deep properties into the returned JSON passing a property path to the assertion method.

Dots (.) are used to access object properties, while brackets ([]) are used to access array indexes.

Example: user.emails[1] should return the second element of the emails property of the user object.

A special property path . can be used to indicate the entire json object or array contained in the response.


assertJsonResponse(string $message = '')

Asserts that the response contains a JSON and has a Content-Type header containing application/json. If the response content cannot be decoded, the assertion will fail.

assertJsonResponsePropertiesExist(array $expected, string $message = '')

Asserts that the JSON response contains all the properties in the $expected array. The properties are specified as property paths.

assertJsonResponsePropertyExists(string $propertyPath, string $message = '')

Asserts that one property path exists in the response object.

assertJsonResponsePropertyDoesNotExist(string $propertyPath, string $message = '')

Asserts that one property path does not exist in the response object.

assertJsonResponsePropertyEquals($expected, string $propertyPath, string $message = '')

Asserts that the value in property path equals the $expected value. PHPUnit IsEqual constraint is used to check the values equality.

assertJsonResponsePropertyNotEquals($expected, string $propertyPath, string $message = '')

Asserts that the value in property path does not equal the $expected value.

assertJsonResponsePropertyIsType(string $expected, string $propertyPath, string $message = '')

Asserts that the value in property path is of the specified type. Type can be a FQCN or builtin type (array, bool, float, int, null, object, resource, string, scalar, callable). PHPUnit IsType constraint is used to check the property type.

assertJsonResponsePropertyIsArray(string $propertyPath, string $message = '')

Short-hand method for assertJsonResponsePropertyIsType('array', $propertyPath, $message)

assertJsonResponsePropertyCount(int $expected, string $propertyPath, string $message = '')

Asserts that the value in property path is countable and its count is equal to $expected.

assertJsonResponsePropertyContains($expected, string $propertyPath, string $message = '')

Asserts the specific response property contains the expected value.


  • ["Hello", "world", "!"] contains "world"
  • [{one: "Hello"}] contains { one: 'Hello' }

assertJsonResponsePropertyNotContains($unexpected, string $propertyPath, string $message = '')

Asserts the specific response property does not contain the expected value.

assertJsonResponsePropertyContainsString(string $expected, string $propertyPath, string $message = '')

Asserts that the property is a string and contains the given value.


Provides assertions to check the status code of a Response object retrieved by a static getResponse method.

assertResponseIs(int $expectedCode, string $message = '')

Asserts that the response code is exactly the one passed in $expectedCode.

Short-hand assertions:

  • assertResponseIsOk(string $message = '') - Expects status code 200
  • assertResponseIsCreated(string $message = '') - Expects status code 201
  • assertResponseIsAccepted(string $message = '') - Expects status code 202
  • assertResponseIsNoContent(string $message = '') - Expects status code 204
  • assertResponseIsBadRequest(string $message = '') - Expects status code 400
  • assertResponseIsUnauthorized(string $message = '') - Expects status code 401
  • assertResponseIsPaymentRequired(string $message = '') - Expects status code 402
  • assertResponseIsForbidden(string $message = '') - Expects status code 403
  • assertResponseIsNotFound(string $message = '') - Expects status code 404
  • assertResponseIsMethodNotAllowed(string $message = '') - Expects status code 405
  • assertResponseIsPreconditionFailed(string $message = '') - Expects status code 412
  • assertResponseIsUnprocessableEntity(string $message = '') - Expects status code 422

Assertions that checks multiple status codes:

  • assertResponseIsRedirect(string $message = '') - Expects status code 3xx
  • assertResponseIsNotRedirect(string $message = '') - Expects status code not to be 3xx
  • assertResponseIsSuccessful(string $message = '') - Expects status code 2xx
  • assertResponseIsNotSuccessful(string $message = '') - Expects status code not to be 2xx


Provides convenient methods to perform a request on a Symfony WebTestCase. Includes ResponseStatusTrait and JsonResponseTrait.

Doctrine ORM


Provides an instance of EntityManager upon a mocked DBAL connection.
Useful to test a raw SQL composition and result hydration.

onEntityManagerCreated method can be used to customize the entity manager instance (or load/inject metadata) just after entity manager creation.


Dummy DBAL platform for EntityManagerTrait.

Doctrine Mongo ODM


Provides an instance of DocumentManager for mongo upon a mocked mongo Client.

Elastica ODM


Provides an instance of DocumentManager for elastica upon a mocked elastica Client.