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Sitegeist Neos Base Distribution

v7.3.0 2021-12-21 14:26 UTC

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Last update: 2022-05-16 18:37:03 UTC



Create a project based on the sitegeist base distribution

composer create-project sitegeist/neos-base-distribution customer-folder

Migrate database and add Admin user

ddev flow doctrine:migrate
ddev flow user:create --roles Administrator admin admin Admin User

You can choose to either copy the included Vendor.Site package or the Vendor.WheelInventor package into the project namespace:

ddev flow package:adopt Vendor.Site Customer.Site


ddev flow package:adopt Vendor.WheelInventor Customer.Site

Background: Vendor.Site is a blank site package with no defined frontend components, no content node types and a CSS Modules setup. Vendor.WheelInventor uses Tailwind CSS and defines a lot of default frontend components and content node types. Use the latter to quickstart projects of medium size.

Require the Project package and remove the dependencies to Vendor.Site, Vendor.WheelInventor and Sitegeist.Chantalle:

ddev composer require customer/site
ddev composer remove vendor/site
ddev composer remove vendor/wheelinventor
ddev composer remove sitegeist/chantalle

Initialize the project git repository

git init

Install dependencies via:

make install

Finally, perform a site import:

ddev flow site:import --package-key Customer.Site

Running the site locally

You can start a development server via:

make up

Clone project data

You can clone your projectdata directly with make. This command shows up the list and ask for the preset.

make clone

or type the preset directly:

make clone