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Svg Icons for Neos

The package renders icons based on svg files. The rendering is done inline or via an svg sprite that combines all svgs of a collection into one request.

Attention: This package use the external svg references for svg-sprites which are not supported in some older browsers. Please check this and use polyfills like this if needed.

Authors & Sponsors

The development and the public-releases of this package is generously sponsored by our employer


The package manages icon collections that are defined via Neos settings. It is possible to configure an collection from a path or by referenceing each item individually.


      # Collections with a path will include all svg files in the given path
      # The icon name and the label are created from the filename
        label: "Default Collection"
        path: resource://Vendor.Site/Private/Icons

      # Collections with explicit items allow to configure the path and label
      # for each icon. The key defines the icon name.
        label: "Example Collection"
            label: "Foo Item"
            path: resource://Vendor.Site/Private/Icons/foo.svg
            label: "Bar Item"
            path: resource://Vendor.Site/Private/Icons/bar.svg

The generated svg sprites are cached for each collection in Production context. For the Development context the sprite cache is disabled. You can control this via setting:

    enableCache: false

A custom data source is included to allow editors to select icons in the Neos Inspector:

      type: string
          editor: 'Neos.Neos/Inspector/Editors/SelectBoxEditor'
            dataSourceIdentifier: 'sitegeist-stampede-icons'
              # Optionaly the icon collections offered to the editor
              # can be configured. By default all collections will be available   
              collections: ['example']

*Attention the returned value of the data source is a combined identifier of the collection and the icon separated by colon. For rendering you have to split it before passing collection and icon to Sitegeist.Stampede:Icon:

prototype(Vendor.Site:Component.SvgIcon) < prototype(Neos.Neos:ContentComponent) {
    parts = ${String.split(q(node).property('icon'), ':', 2)} 
    renderer = Sitegeist.Stampede:Icon {
        collection = ${[0]}
        icon = ${[1]}


Sitegeist.Stampede:Icon has the following options: collection: string (required) name of the icon collection icon: string (required) name of the icon class: string (optional) class to add to the svg tag style: string (optional) style to add to the svg tag. Default is fill: currentColor; height: 1em; inline: boolean render the svg inline. Default is false

To render icons the prototype Sitegeist.Stampede:Icon is used via afx like this.

    renderer = afx`
        <Sitegeist.Stampede:Icon collection="default" icon="neos" />

If the inline option is set the svg content is directly put into the html instead of referencing the spritesheet. This can improve the performance if many icons exist but only very few are used on a single page.

    renderer = afx`
        <Sitegeist.Stampede:Icon collection="default" icon="neos" inline />

ATTENTION: It is highly recommended to create a wrapper prototype for icons that sets the required class and unsets the default style.

prototype(Vendor.Site:Component.SvgIcon) < prototype(Neos.Fusion:Component) {
    icon = null
    collection = 'default'

    renderer = Sitegeist.Stampede:Icon {
        collection = ${props.collection}
        icon = ${props.icon}
        class = "svgIcon"
        style = null

Additionally the prototype Sitegeist.Stampede:Icon.Preview renders a list of all iconCollections as table to be viewed in the Sitegeist.Monocle styleguide.


Sitegeist.Stampede is available via packagist. Just run composer require sitegeist/stampede to install it. We use semantic-versioning so every breaking change will increase the major-version number.


We will gladly accept contributions. Please send us pull requests.