Simple queue for outcoming mails for Nette Framework.

v0.2 2017-10-18 08:50 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-02-04 09:14:12 UTC


Simplement\MailQueue is a small extension for Nette Framework, which will wrap default Nette SendmailMailer or SmtpMailer by it's own Mailer class. All outcoming mails are then redirected into mail queue, which is by default implemented by Kdyby\Doctrine entity.

If you don't wan't to use default mail queue, you can simply implement your own by extending Simplement\MailQueue\IEntry and Simplement\MailQueue\IQueue interfaces and create e.g. file system mail queue instead of database system one.

Then you can setup cron, which will in given inteval send dose of fronted mails e.g. using command

php www/index.php mailqueue:sendfronted


Nette Framework and Kdyby\Console, recommended Kdyby\Doctrine.


  • All outcoming mails aren't sent inmediatelly, but they are moved to queue -> response to client is much faster.
  • You don't have to update you current app code. All mails are after setting this extension automatically redirected into mail queue.
  • If the app is unnable to send mail (due to loss of internet connection etc.) app will not crush, but reschedule mail and try it send again in set interval.
  • You can set priority to each mail.
  • You can set default from email address, which will be used if mail doesn't have it set.


extensions:							# Add MailQueue Extension
	mailqueue: Simplement\Bridges\MailDI\MailQueueExtension

	timeLimit: 30					# Max executin time of cron script
	mailLimit: 50					# Max number of mails sent peer one cron call
	attemptLimit: 5					# Max number of attempts to send mail
	rescheduleTime: +30 minutes		# If unnable to send mail, try nex attempt after ...
	defaultSender: 'MyAwesomeApp <>'	# Optional

# If you want to use default Doctrine Mail Queue
	mailQueue: Simplement\Bridges\DoctrineORM\MailQueue
		Simplement: %appDir%/../vendor/simplement/mailqueue/src/Bridges/DoctrineORM/Entity


 $message = new Nette\Mail\Message;
 /** @var Nette\DI\Container $container */
 $container = ...;
 $mailer = $container->getByType('Nette\Mail\IMailer');
 $mailer = $container->getService('mail.mailer');
 $mailer = $container->getService('nette.mailer');
 /** @var Simplement\MailQueue\Mailer $mailer */
 $mailer->send($message, $priority = 1, $useQueue = TRUE);