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What does this offer over versioned-admin?

Most of the value of snapshots are explained in the versioned-snapshots README file, but the major takeaway is that this history viewer will show you the changes that have happened to objects in your $owns tree as if it is native history to the owner object. In other words, it helps authors to see the answer to the question, "What happens when I publish this page?"

Further, since each snapshot provides a timestamp, it is possible to view a page at a time when a given owned object was added or changed.


Provides a drop-in replacement UI for versioned-admin that adds snapshots to the history view.

WARNING: This module is experimental, and not considered stable.

History view -- anywhere!

Just add the SnapshotHistoryExtension included with this module to your dataobject, and a "History" tab will be provided to its getCMSFields() function, offering a list of its snapshot history.


$ composer require silverstripe/versioned-snapshot-admin


This library follows Semver. According to Semver, you will be able to upgrade to any minor or patch version of this library without any breaking changes to the public API. Semver also requires that we clearly define the public API for this library.

All methods, with public visibility, are part of the public API. All other methods are not part of the public API. Where possible, we'll try to keep protected methods backwards-compatible in minor/patch versions, but if you're overriding methods then please test your work before upgrading.

Reporting Issues

Please create an issue for any bugs you've found, or features you're missing.


This module is released under the BSD 3-Clause License