Suffix-tree (Ukkonen) for PHP.

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Please have a look at the available releases.


Suffix-tree implementation using the ukkonen algorithm. The code is based on these two articles found at stackoverflow and geeksforgeeks.

Requirements and installation

  • PHP v7+

Install the library via Composer:

./composer.phar require shrink0r/suffix-tree [optional version]

Adding it manually as a vendor library requirement to the composer.json file of your project works as well:

    "require": {
        "shrink0r/suffix-tree": "^0.1"

Alternatively, you can download a release archive from the github releases.




None, but you may join the freenode IRC #honeybee channel anytime. :-)


Please contribute by forking and sending a pull request. More information can be found in the file. The authors and contributors are mentioned in the github contributors graph of this repository.

The code tries to adhere to the following PHP-FIG standards: PSR-4, PSR-1 and PSR-2.


See for more information about changes.


This project is MIT licensed. See the linked license for details.