Enables full and partial refunds through QuickPay for Sylius and Refund Plugin (

v0.1.2 2022-04-25 10:58 UTC

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Last update: 2022-12-04 23:36:54 UTC


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  1. composer require setono/sylius-quickpay-refund-bridge-plugin:dev-master

  2. Import plugin's routes after the routes of Sylius Refund Plugin

    resource: "@SetonoSyliusQuickpayRefundBridgePlugin/Resources/config/routes.yaml"

Development and testing

  1. Run composer create-project setono/sylius-quickpay-refund-bridge-plugin:dev-master setono-sylius-quickpay-refund.

  2. From the plugin root directory, run the following commands:

    (cd tests/Application && yarn install)
    (cd tests/Application && yarn build)
    (cd tests/Application && bin/console assets:install)
    (cd tests/Application && bin/console doctrine:database:create)
    (cd tests/Application && bin/console doctrine:schema:create)
    (cd tests/Application && bin/console sylius:fixtures:load -n)
  3. Start your local PHP server (see docs):

    (cd tests/Application && symfony serve)

To be able to setup a plugin's database, remember to configure you database credentials in tests/Application/.env and tests/Application/.env.test.