This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A set of utilities to integrate Stripe into Symfony.

0.5.6 2023-08-04 08:42 UTC


This bundle is deprecated and will not be maintained anymore. Stripe has become a very complex App and is not useful anymore to maintain a bundle for it. The best alternative is to implement the desired features directly in your app. You can anyway use the code in this repository as a starting point for your own custom implementation. Please, refer to the official Stripe PHP SDK for further info.


Serendipity HQ Stripe Bundle

Integrates your Symfony app with the Stripe payment service.

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SerendipityHQ Stripe Bundle gives you the ability to perform common tasks calling the Stripe's API and exposes an endpoint to which you can receive the notifications sent by Stripe via Webhooks.

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How to use the Serendipity HQ Stripe Bundle

SerendipityHQ Stripe Bundle persists all the communications between your app and the Stripe's API so you ever have a local copy of them, without needing to communicate with the API to retrieve relevant information. This makes your app able to perform a lot of tasks also if there are issues with the Stripe's API (very rare, but anyway possible). Maintain these information as a local copy is considered a best practice, so you should do it.

SerendipityHQ Stripe Bundle fires events for each possible action, so you can hook them to make you app able to react to them. For example, if the endpoint receives a Refund Event from the Stripe's API, your app can update the subscription of the Customer's refunded card.

SerendipityHQ Stripe Bundle contains the code to incorporate a form on your pages from which you can get the credit cards details, send them in a Stripe's secured SSL channel (also if your app hasn't SSL encryption enabled!) and save its representation on the database for later charge.

See the documentation for the full list of features.


You can read how to install, configure, test and use the SerendipityHQ Stripe Bundle in the documentation.

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