Packages from seblhaire

  • PHP


    A Laravel library with Javascript JQuery script to add input with auto-completer

  • PHP


    A Laravel library to generate paginations

  • PHP


    Laravel library to provide an helper to initialize a single or double DateRangePicker calendar

  • JavaScript


    A Laravel library to generate forms based on Laravel Collective Forms & HTML, Boostrap 5 CSS Framework, RichText editor, and Icons provided by FontAwesome. Includes form management and validation.

  • PHP


    A Laravel library to to build menus and tabs navigation utilities, based on Boostrap 5 CSS Framework.

  • PHP


    A Laravel library to build tables easily, which interacts with a lightweight js builder and builds data from Eloquent Object-Relational Mapping with database tables, or can be used with static data.

  • PHP


    A Laravel library with jQuery add-on to add tags (Boostrap badges) selected by an auto-completer.

  • PHP


    A Laravel library to provide file upload utilities. A Javascript library builds a complete file upload widget with upload button, drag-and-drop zone, progress bar and result builder. A controller is available to manage uploaded files.