Laravel Boilerplate based on AdminLTE 3 with blade components, user management, roles, permissions, logs viewer, ...

8.0.0 2024-04-26 12:01 UTC


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This package serves as a basis for quickly creating a back-office. It includes profile creation and his management, user management, roles, permissions, log viewing and ready to use components.

It also makes it easy to add other packages to extend the features, have a look to sebastienheyd/boilerplate-packager to quickly build your own package for boilerplate.

Other packages to extend the features :

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Version Compatibility

Laravel Boilerplate
11.x 8.x
6.x → 10.x 7.x


The documentation is readable on Github pages



  1. In order to install Laravel/AdminLTE Boilerplate run :
composer require sebastienheyd/boilerplate
  1. Run the command below to publish assets and configuration files
php artisan vendor:publish --tag=boilerplate
  1. After you set your database parameters run :
php artisan migrate


If you want to quickly test your Laravel application.

php artisan serve

Now you can point your browser to http://localhost:8000/admin

Package update (Laravel < 8.6.9)

Boilerplate comes with assets such as Javascript, CSS, and images. Since you typically will need to overwrite the assets every time the package is updated, you may use the --force flag :

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=boilerplate-public --force

To auto update assets each time package is updated, you can add this command to post-update-cmd into the file composer.json at the root of your project.

    "scripts": {
        "post-update-cmd": [
            "@php artisan vendor:publish --tag=boilerplate-public --force --ansi"

Tests / Coding standards

This package is delivered with a Makefile used to launch checks for the respect of coding standards and the unit tests

Just call make to see the list of commands.


Please see for details and a todolist.



This package is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

Special thanks

This project is made with PhpStorm and supported by JetBrains

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