This package provides a flexible way to add Role-based Permissions to Laravel

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Laratrust (Laravel Package)

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Laratrust is an easy and flexible way to add roles, permissions and teams authorization to Laravel (>=5.6).

For Laravel 5.2.32 - 5.6 please use the 5.1 branch.

For Laravel < 5.2.32 please use the 4.0 branch.

Installation, Configuration and Usage

To install, configure and learn how to use Laratrust please go to the Documentation.

What does Laratrust support?

  • Multiple user models.
  • Multiple roles and permissions can be attached to users.
  • Multiple permissions can be attached to roles.
  • Roles and permissions verification.
  • Roles and permissions caching.
  • Events when roles and permissions are attached, detached or synced.
  • Multiple roles and permissions can be attached to users within teams.
  • Objects ownership verification.
  • Multiple guards for the middleware.
  • Laravel gates and policies.


Laratrust is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.


Please report any issue you find in the issues page. Pull requests are more than welcome.