Provides a form finisher to save the form data to the database and a backend module to download the data.

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  • Persistence finisher to persist form data into your database.
  • It further provides a backend module to download the data in different formats.
  • An export definition editor lets you define your custom export definitions.
  • Data can be sent in aggregated via email regularly
  • A retention policy can be configured to respect data privacy policies
  • Access to data can be restricted by sites or content dimension
  • Form data is aggregated by the combination of the form identifier and a hash of the form field identifiers to avoid conflicts when forms change.

Backend Module


composer require punktde/form-persistence

After the successful installation run ./flow doctrine:migrate to initialize the database table.


Exclude form types from saving

Some form types are only for structuring the form or to display static text and should not be available for export. These form types can now be excluded using extendable configuration:

          'Neos.Form:StaticText': true

Export Definitions

Static export definitions can be defined via settings.


Example: Form-Export-{formIdentifier}-{currentDate}.csv

The following variables ca be used:

  • formIdentifier
  • formVersionHash
  • currentDate
  • exportDefinitionIdentifier

Processor Chain

Processing steps for processing the form data are defined in the processorChain configuration. This chain is currently used globally for all exports. You can add your own processors using the postionalArraySprtingSyntax for their positionin the chain.


        # My processor
          class: 'Vendor\FormProcessors\MyProcessor'
          position: end


Form data may contain sensitive data. The package thus offers priviliges to give backend users individual access.

Site Privilege

In a multi-site environment you can restrict the accessibility to form data depending on the site using the PunktDe\Form\Persistence\Authorization\Privilege\SitePrivilege. In a Policy.yaml add

    label: Access to form data of all sites
    matcher: '*'

  label: Access to form data of site my-site
  matcher: 'my-site'

The matcher accepts, '*', a single name or a comma-separated list of site names.

Dimension Privilege

In a multi-dimension environment you can restrict the accessibility to form data depending on the content dimension combination using the PunktDe\Form\Persistence\Authorization\Privilege\SitePrivilege. In a Policy.yaml add

    label: Access to form data of all content dimensions
    matcher: '*'

  label: Access to form data of all langues in the german country
  matcher: '{"country": ["deu"]}'

The matcher accepts, '*', or a json definition of the dimensions. See ContentDimensionPrivilegeTargetTest.php for details.


Add the SaveFormDataFinisher

Using the flow form configuration

type: 'Neos.Form:Form'
identifier: 'my-form'

    identifier: 'PunktDe.Form.Persistence:SaveFormDataFinisher'

Using the Neos Form Builder

Require the suggested package neos/form-builder and add the save form data finisher to your node based form in the neos backend.

Scheduled Exports

Exports of your form data can be sent to a specific eMail Address on a regular basis. eMail address and export definition can be configured directly at the finisher. To trigger the export, the command formPersistence:sendExport needs to be called.

Backend Module

Download form data

A simple backend module is provided to download the form data as multiple formats like CSV,Excel and Html here`s a list of possible formats https://phpspreadsheet.readthedocs.io/en/latest/. The form version specifies the used fields and their position. With that it is taken care, that if the form changes over time, a separate CSV or Excel file with consistent headers and column position is generated.

Backend Module

Define Export Definitions

The package brings a graphical editor for defining export definitions. With an export definition you can define the fields together whith the field names which are added to the export.

Backend Module

Clean up old form data

To clean up old form data entries manually or on a regular basis, one needs to configure the retention period and call the command formpersistence:cleanupformdata. In the following example a retention period of 30 days is configured and therefore every form data entry older than 30 days ist deleted upon calling the command.

        retentionPeriod: 'P30D'

The whole functionality is encapsulated in a service to allow a better integration into different approaches for regular execution of this functionality for example with a scheduler or queuing work flow.

Developing the package

Export Definition Editor

Working with the react app

To start make changes to the export definition app go to the folder PunktDe.Form.Persistence/Resources/Public/ExportDefinitionEditorApp and run the command

yarn install

After all dependencies are installed, you can adjust the code of the react app. The is created with the help of creat-react-app scaffolding tool and therefore uses its build configuration with some adjustments. To see changes, you need to build the app with the following command.

yarn build

The generated file main.js is located in the folder build/static/js. This file is loaded in the Neos Backend and is the editor you see.

Run tests with PHPStan

Analyse the full project:

vendor/bin/phpstan analyse -c phpstan.neon

Analyse a specific file:

vendor/bin/phpstan analyse Classes/Path/To/File.php