Extensible and flexible API for building web forms





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Flow Form Framework

An extensible and flexible framework to build web forms.

See for a detailed documentation.

Related Packages

This package implements the core of the Flow Form Framework and can be used directly within Neos Websites or Flow Applications. There are some useful related packages:

Neos Package Key Description Composer key / Packagist URL
Neos.Form The actual Form Framework core (this package) neos/form
Neos.Form.Builder A Form Builder IDE integrated to Neos CMS that allows for form *Definitions* to be created via the Backend interface and/or Fusion neos/form-builder
(formerly Neos.FormBuilder)
The original Form Builder IDE that can be used with Flow alone to create YAML Form Definitions neos/form-yamlbuilder
(formerly neos/formbuilder)
Neos.Form.FusionRenderer A custom Form preset that allows Forms to be rendered via Fusion neos/form-fusionrenderer
Third party packages
PunktDe.FormPersistence Database persistence finisher, backend module to download data in different formats, export definition editor for field mapping, fine grained access rights, data retention mechanisms, .... punktDe/form-persistence
Wegmeister.DatabaseStorage Custom Form Finisher that helps storing formdata into the database and export it as Xlsx file wegmeister/databasestorage
Wegmeister.Recaptcha Custom Form Element that renders Googles reCAPTCHAs wegmeister/recaptcha
Honeypot Field Honeypot form field to spam-protect your forms without further disturbance. dl/honeypotformfield
Wwwision.Form.ContentReferences Example Form Element that renders Neos Content References wwwision/form-contentreferences
Wwwision.Form.MultiColumnSection Example Section Form Element that renders child Form Elements in multiple columns wwwision/form-multicolumnsection
Wwwision.Form.MultiFileUpload Example package providing a simple MultiFileUpload element for the Neos.Form framework wwwision/form-multifileupload
Wwwision.Form.SecureFileUpload Examples and helpers for implementing secure form uploads wwwision/form-securefileupload

Note: Feel free to create a Pull-Request with further related Form packages