A Laravel plugin for Psalm

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This package brings static analysis and type support to projects using Laravel. Our goal is to find as many type-related bugs as possible, therefore increasing developer productivity and application health. Find bugs without the overhead of writing tests!



Please refer to the full Psalm documentation for a more detailed guide on introducing Psalm into your project.

First, start by installing Psalm if you have not done so already:

composer require --dev vimeo/psalm
./vendor/bin/psalm --init

Next, install this package and enable the plugin

composer require --dev psalm/plugin-laravel
./vendor/bin/psalm-plugin enable psalm/plugin-laravel

Finally, run Psalm to analyze your codebase


How it works

Under the hood it just runs and feeds the resultant stubs into Psalm, which can read PhpStorm meta stubs.

It also parses any database migrations it can find to try to understand property types in your database models.