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prooph components in action

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Proophessor Do (short Do) demonstrates the power of prooph components in conjunction with zend expressive. And you're ask to try it yourself. Do includes exercises! So read on and pick up a task!

Business Domain

The business logic implemented in this educational project is very simple and should be known by everybody in one way or the other. It is about managing todo lists for users whereby a todo can have a deadline and the assigned user can add a reminder to get notified when time has passed.


Installation Documentation

Management UI (new)

Management UI Documentation

Model Exploration

Learning by doing!

When you play around with the application you will notice missing functionality. This has a simple reason. You explore a learning application and what is the best way to learn? Right! Learning by doing! So if you want to learn something about CQRS and Event Sourcing:

  1. Pick up an open task listed below
  2. Get us a note in the corresponding issue that you accept the challenge
  3. Ask if you need help -> Gitter
  4. Have fun and learn!

Note: Some tasks depend on others and some can be split into sub tasks. Let's discuss this in the issues. And of course you can also work together. Sharing work doubles knowledge!


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Technology Stack

List of used technologies - We <3 Open Source


Happy messaging!