prooph components command line tool for rapid development

v0.2.0 2016-04-28 18:29 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-17 00:38:52 UTC



The prooph command line interface generates classes to increase development speed. For available commands run

$ php bin/prooph-cli list

Here is an example output:

Available commands:
  help              Displays help for a command
  list              Lists commands
  prooph:generate:aggregate  Generates an aggregate class
  prooph:generate:all        Generates an aggregate, command, command handler, command handler factory and event class.
  prooph:generate:command    Generates a command, command handler and command handler factory class
  prooph:generate:event      Generates an event class

There are available environment variables (see bin/prooph-cli) for bash scripts to configure \Prooph\Cli\Console\Helper\Psr4Info for your class meta data.


You can install prooph/prooph-cli via composer by adding "proophsoftware/prooph-cli": "^0.1" as requirement to your composer.json.


This tool checks if a container-interop instance is returned from file config/container.php. You can configure the class info metadata by registering an instance with name \Prooph\Cli\Console\Helper\ClassInfo like \Prooph\Cli\Console\Helper\Psr4Info to the container.

Another option is to use environment variables to configure your class metadata:

env variables:

  • PROOPHCLI_SOURCE_FOLDER: path to src folder, default current working dir + 'src'
  • PROOPHCLI_PACKAGE_PREFIX: namespace of package, default ''
  • PROOPHCLI_FILE_DOC_BLOCk: file doc block, default ''



Please feel free to fork and extend existing or add new plugins and send a pull request with your changes! To establish a consistent code quality, please provide unit tests for all your changes and may adapt the documentation.


Released under the New BSD License.