Doctrine Adapter for ProophEventStore

v3.3.0 2016-10-12 18:32 UTC


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#CAUTION: The Doctrine adapter is not compatible With prooph/event-store v7. Use the new PDO Event Store instead! Support for the adapter will end at 31 December 2017.

Use Prooph Event Store with Doctrine DBAL.

Database Set Up

The database structure depends on the stream strategies you want to use for your aggregate roots. You can find example SQLs for MySql in the scripts folder and an EventStoreSchema tool which you can use an a doctrine migrations scirpt.

The database schema is only a suggestion. The aggregate_type column has a length of 150 chars. If you have very long class names you should increase this length, otherwise it could lead to errors in your application. This length should be equal with the aggregate_type length in the snapshot table.


When using MySQL while enabling oneStreamPerAggregate option, the transaction handling is broken! For more information see: prooph/pdo-event-store#6



Released under the New BSD License.