PrestaShop coding standards

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This repository includes tools to check that repositories are following the standards defined by the PrestaShop community and provides configuration files for some of them.

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composer require --dev prestashop/php-dev-tools

## Development dependencies runtimes
composer require --dev friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer
composer require --dev phpstan/phpstan
composer require --dev prestashop/header-stamp
composer require --dev prestashop/autoindex
composer require --dev squizlabs/php_codesniffer

When this project is successfully added to your dependencies, you can enable each review tool on your projet.

Version Guidance

Version Status Packagist - Namespace Repo Docs PHP Version
1.x EOL prestashop/php-dev-tools N/A v1.x N/A >=5.6,<7.2
2.x EOL prestashop/php-dev-tools N/A v2.x N/A >=5.6,<7.2
3.x Security fixes prestashop/php-dev-tools N/A v3.x N/A >=5.6,>=7.2.5
4.x EOL prestashop/php-dev-tools N/A v4.x N/A >=7.2.5
5.x Latest prestashop/php-dev-tools N/A master N/A >=7.2.5


The configuration files added in your project can be freely modified in order to match your needs.

Running the tools can be done by calling their respective binary:

PHP CS Fixer

Initialize the configuration with:

$ php vendor/bin/prestashop-coding-standards cs-fixer:init [--dest /path/to/my/project]

It'll create a configuration file .php-cs-fixer.dist.php in the root of your project.

Upgrade note : When upgrading from 4.1.0 to newer version, you should re-run the init script or rename your .php_cs.dist file to .php-cs-fixer.dist.php in order to match the new requirements of cs-fixer.

$ vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix


$ php vendor/bin/prestashop-coding-standards phpstan:init [--dest /path/to/my/project]

It'll create a default file phpstan.neon in tests/phpstan, that are required to run phpstan. The default phpstan level is the lowest available, but we recommend you to update this value to get more recommandations.

$ _PS_ROOT_DIR_=<Path_to_PrestaShop> php vendor/bin/phpstan --configuration=tests/phpstan/phpstan.neon analyse <path1 [path2 [...]]>


Applying an index.php file to all your project subfolders will be useful to avoid directories to be listed by the webserver.

$ vendor/bin/autoindex prestashop:add:index <path>

Header Stamp

Your license headers can be updated by applying the header stamp.

Here is an example of call, applying the default license on a PrestaShop module:

$ vendor/bin/header-stamp --license=assets/afl.txt --exclude=vendor,node_modules

Available options are provided with --help.