Rewrite your file headers to add the license or to make them up-to-date

v2.3 2023-03-23 14:44 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-06-23 17:13:16 UTC


Header Stamp

PHP tests

Update the headers of the current folder. This tools extracts the command originally available in the PrestaShop Core.


This projet is downloadable via Composer, the PHP Package Manager. We recommend having it in the require-dev section of your dependancies as it is not needed on production environments.

composer require --dev prestashop/header-stamp


If installed via Composer, the application is available in its binaries folder

php vendor/bin/header-stamp

The default behavior is to apply the OSL license in every compatible file found in the current folder.

⚠️ Header Stamp will scan and process all your compatible files, including node_modules or vendor if you do not specify the target. Use --exclude to avoid modifying dependency files.

php vendor/bin/header-stamp --exclude=vendor,node_modules

Available options:

--license=LICENSE        License file to apply [default: "assets/osl3.txt"]
--exclude=EXCLUDE        Comma-separated list of folders and files to exclude from the update [default: ""]
--extensions=EXTENSIONS  Comma-separated list of file extensions to update [default: "php,js,css,scss,tpl,html.twig,json,vue"]
--target=PATH            Folder to work in [default: Current directory]
--dry-run                Dry-run mode does not modify files
--display-report         Whether or not to display a report


Install dependencies with composer. Two CI tools are configured for this project: php-cs-fixer and phpstan

composer install
php vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix --no-interaction --dry-run --diff
php phpstan analyse tests/phpstan/phpstan.neon

Before submitting changes to the projects, tests can be run with:

php tests/integration/runner/run.php