GrumPHP config for php projects(mainly TYPO3)

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composer require pluswerk/grumphp-config --dev

pluswerk/grumphp-config will add the required extra.grumphp.config-default-path automatically to your composer.json.

If pluswerk/grumphp-config should not edit your composer.json then you must add this:

  "extra": {
    "pluswerk/grumphp-config": {
      "auto-setting": false

You want to override settings?:

Make a new grumphp.yml config file. You can put it in the root folder.

  - { resource: vendor/pluswerk/grumphp-config/grumphp.yml }

  convention.phpstan_level: 1
    - "typo3conf/ext/extension/Resources/Private/Templates/List.xml"

There you can override some convention:

Key Default
convention.process_timeout 60
convention.security_checker_blocking true
convention.jsonlint_ignore_pattern []
convention.xmllint_ignore_pattern []
convention.yamllint_ignore_pattern []
convention.phpcslint_ignore_pattern []
convention.xlifflint_ignore_pattern ["#typo3conf/l10n/(.*)#"]
convention.phpstan_level max

Upgrade to grumphp-config 5

if you upgrade and not start a new Project you should set the convention.phpstan_level to 0 or 1
so the upgrade is not that painfull for now
you should gradually increase the phpstan level until you reach the max level