A PHP dependency vulnerabilities scanner based on the Security Advisories Database.

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The Enlightn Security Checker is a command line tool that checks if your application uses dependencies with known security vulnerabilities. It uses the Security Advisories Database.

Installation Options

  1. You may install the Enlightn Security Checker with Composer globally, for use with multiple projects:
composer global require enlightn/security-checker
  1. You may also install the Enlightn Security Checker in your project as a dev dependency using Composer:
composer require --dev enlightn/security-checker
  1. Instead of installing via Composer, you may also download the security-checker.phar file. Then, in the commands below you can replace security-checker with security-checker.phar.


To check for security vulnerabilities in your dependencies, you may run the security:check command:

php security-checker security:check /path/to/composer.lock

This command will return a success status code of 0 if there are no vulnerabilities and 1 if there is at least one vulnerability.

Note: You would need to provide the full path of the security-checker executable if the directory is not in your path. For instance:

php vendor/bin/security-checker security:check /path/to/composer.lock



By default, this command displays the result in ANSI. You may use the --format option to display the result in JSON instead:

php security-checker security:check /path/to/composer.lock --format=json

Exclude Dev Dependencies

If you would like to exclude dev dependencies from the vulnerabilities scanning, you may use the --no-dev option (defaults to false):

php security-checker security:check /path/to/composer.lock --no-dev

Allow vulnerabilities

If you would like to exclude some vulnerabilities, you may use the --allow-list option by passing the CVE identifier, or the CVE title. You can pass multiple values as well:

php security-checker security:check /path/to/composer.lock --allow-list CVE-2018-15133 --allow-list "untrusted X-XSRF-TOKEN value"

Do not forget to wrap the title with quotes

Custom Directory for Caching Advisories Database

By default, the SecurityChecker API and the security:check command use the directory returned by the sys_get_temp_dir PHP function for storing the cached advisories database. If you wish to modify the directory, you may use the --temp-dir option:

php security-checker security:check /path/to/composer.lock --temp-dir=/tmp


You may also use the API directly in your own code like so:

use Enlightn\SecurityChecker\SecurityChecker;

$result = (new SecurityChecker)->check('/path/to/composer.lock');

The result above is an associative array. The key is the package name and the value is an array of vulnerabilities based on your package version. An example of the JSON encoded version is as below:

  "laravel/framework": {
    "version": "8.22.0",
    "time": "2021-01-13T13:37:56+00:00",
    "advisories": [{
      "title": "Unexpected bindings in QueryBuilder",
      "link": "https://blog.laravel.com/security-laravel-62011-7302-8221-released",
      "cve": null

Contribution Guide

Thank you for considering contributing to the Enlightn security-checker project! The contribution guide can be found here.


The Enlightn security checkers licensed under the MIT license.