Symfony bundle for decorating default entity managers using a resettable decorator.

1.3.2 2020-07-02 13:03 UTC


This bundle should be used with workloads where Symfony doesn't get initialized on each request, but stays in memory and the same instance handles multiple requests, one after another (e.g. when using Swoole Bundle). Another use case would be message queue consuming (e.g. Symfony messenger), where it is needed to clear (and possibly reset) the entity manager after processing a message.

The best feature of this bundle is, that it wraps all configured entity managers into a ResettableEntityManager instance, which is able to reset the entity manager when it gets stuck on an exception. After each request the entity manager gets cleared or reset, if an exception occurred during request handling.

Also another feature is, that on each request start the entity manager connection gets pinged, so the connection won't get closed after some period of time.


composer require pixelfederation/doctrine-resettable-em-bundle


// config/bundles.php
PixelFederation\CommandProcessingBundle\PixelFederationDoctrineResettableEmBundle::class => ['all' => true]
  # default 0 - if set, the connection ping operation will be executed each X seconds 
  # (instead of at the beginning of each request) 
  ping_interval: 10 
  # for reader writer connections, each has to be defined as 'reader' or 'writer' to be able for the symfony
  # app to reconnect after db failover. currently only AWS Aurora is supported.
    default: writer