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Convert Symfony Config Formats From XML/YAML to PHP.

Why to PHP? It's the best format for PHP Symfony applications:


composer require symplify/config-transformer --dev


Provide paths to files/dirs you want to convert:

vendor/bin/config-transformer switch-format config/packages/config-transformer.yaml app/config

The input file will be deleted automatically.


With --target-symfony-version/-s option you specify, what Symfony features should be used (3.2 is used by default).

vendor/bin/config-transformer switch-format app/config -s 3.3

Note: Symfony YAML parser removes all comments, so be sure to go through files and add still-relevant comments manually.

Report Issues

In case you are experiencing a bug or want to request a new feature head over to the Symplify monorepo issue tracker


The sources of this package are contained in the Symplify monorepo. We welcome contributions for this package on symplify/symplify.