phUML is a fully automatic UML class diagram generator for PHP code

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phUML is a fully automatic UML class diagram generator written in PHP. It creates a class diagram from an OO codebase based on the UML specification.



We distribute a PHP Archive (PHAR) that has all required dependencies of phUML bundled in a single file. The PHAR file is signed with an openssl private key. You will need the pubkey file to be stored beside the PHAR file at all times in order to use it.

To install phuml run the following commands in your terminal.

$ wget
$ wget

Run the PHAR to see all the available commands and options

$ php phuml.phar


Alternatively, you may use Composer to download and install phUML as well as its dependencies.

$ composer require phuml/phuml

How does it look like?

UML Diagram

The image shown here is the class diagram generated by phUML when run on its original codebase.


For more details visit the documentation page


Please refer to CONTRIBUTING for information on how to contribute to phUML.


Released under the BSD-3-Clause.


This code is principally developed and maintained by Luis Montealegre.

This library was created by Jakob Westhoff.

Special thanks to all of these awesome contributors.