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Why would you need that bundle ?

You need it because it integrate the power of in your Symfony 3 application.

If you have not hear about swagger yet, we suggest you take a look at it. It defines a service contract for your REST API.

Why should I define a service contract for my Symfony REST API ?

  • Don't you love well-done and documented work ?
  • Don't you hate writing redundant PDF/Excel to explain all your REST api endpoints ?
  • Don't you prefer documenting you code in the same time than you write it ?

Fall for it, you wont be disappointed !

What's your bundle provides exactly ?

It provides you a pretty built-in web interface to execute REST requests with provided example models.

The built-in web interface allows you to test most of HTTP REST methods (DELETE, PATCH, etc), with custom headers/parameters/cookies.

Writing one yourself can becoming tedious, thus we introduced this bundle!

Current features

  • Annotation-based REST API definition - Make your code self-documented
  • Integrated Swagger UI
    • Visit <your_site>/swagger/ to use it
    • Feel free to use your own route by checking out the Resources/doc folder
  • Makes testing easier.
  • Only generate your swagger.json on startup by configuring the cache
    • The bundle also support a custom Psr6 cache service for handling the cache
  • Definition generated is fully compliant with the swagger standards
  • Security settings
  • Tags definitions
  • Deprecation highlighting
  • Summary/Description available for route and parameters definitions
  • Models definitions for a better contract specification

More documentation

We won't leave you in the dark to figure out how the bundle works.

You can find documentation in the Resources/doc folder.

Helping / Contributing

Found an issue ? Feel free to report it.

Got an idea that improved your experience ? Send us a pull request.

Having a feedback ? Send us a message, seriously, we'd love to hear from you !

Thanks for giving us a try 💙