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CLI support for translation. It allows you use the TranslationBundle without installing it in your application. You can use the WebUI and sync translations with remote storages.


To use the CLI you need to fetch the binary and add your configuration file.

wget https://php-translation.github.io/cli/downloads/translation.phar
chmod +x translation.phar
touch translation.yml

Example configuration is the same as for the TranslationBundle.

# translation.yml
  locales: ["en", "sv"]
      project_root: "%translation.project_root%" # This line is important for the CLI config. 
      dirs: ["%translation.project_root%/app/Resources/views", "%translation.project_root%/src"]
      output_dir: "%translation.project_root%/app/Resources/translations"
      excluded_names: ["*TestCase.php", "*Test.php"]
      excluded_dirs: [cache, data, logs]

Note: "%translation.project_root%" will be your cwd() from where you execute the command.

You may now run the same commands as you do with the TranslationBundle but without the "translation:" prefix

  • download
  • extract
  • sync
  • etc
php translation.phar download

You may also run PHP's web server with the WebUI with:

php translation.phar webui


To build a phar make sure you have Box project installed and phar.readonly = 0 in your php.ini.

Read more at: https://moquet.net/blog/distributing-php-cli/

make build