Symfony bundle for further Monolog, Sentry and Graylog integration

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Symfony bundle for further Monolog, Sentry and Graylog integration.


Monolog already offers integration with both Sentry and Graylog. This bundle re-uses those integrations, adding the following features:

  • clearer formatting for Graylog messages;
  • adds correlation_id to correlate messages in Sentry with messages in Graylog from the same process;
  • allows grouping some exceptions by their class, independently from where they were thrown at or what are their message;
  • removes root prefix from messages (usually included in some exception messages);
  • maps context to be available with logged sentry event.

Also recommended configuration is given to allow nice synergy between Graylog and Sentry.


composer require symfony/monolog-bundle sentry/sentry-symfony paysera/lib-logging-extra-bundle

Register installed bundles in your kernel or bundles.php file, if not installed automatically by flex.


This is recommended configuration for all three bundles. This ensures that:

  • INFO and above level log messages always goes to Graylog;
  • in case ERROR and above level log message is received, all messages (even DEBUG, but maximum 50) goes to Graylog. This helps to debug any problems as you get much more information about what has happened;
  • ERROR level log messages goes to Sentry, so you can see any errors occurring in your application;
  • logging does not break or impact your application, even if your Sentry or Graylog servers are down:
    • Graylog uses UDP, so no need to wait for responses. Handler is also wrapped in a failsafe to avoid any errors on DNS resolution impacting your application;
    • Sentry uses HTTP, but has error handling by default, also sends the messages on process shutdown; configuration overrides default 3 retries to just one – if sentry is overwhelmed with requests already, no need to send any more messages 3 times in a row;
  • messages are visible on console. You can pass arguments to any command for further verbosity level to see INFO or even DEBUG log messages.
            type: filter
            accepted_levels: [INFO, NOTICE, WARNING]
            handler: graylog_failsafe
            type: filter
            accepted_levels: [DEBUG, ERROR, CRITICAL, ALERT, EMERGENCY]
            handler: graylog_fingers_crossed
            type: console
            process_psr_3_messages: false
            channels: ["!event", "!doctrine"]
            type: service
            id: Sentry\Monolog\Handler

            type: fingers_crossed
            action_level: error
            handler: graylog_failsafe
            stop_buffering: false
            buffer_size: 50
            nested: true
            type: whatfailuregroup
            members: [graylog]
            nested: true
            type: gelf
                hostname: '%env(GRAYLOG_HOSTNAME)%'
                port: '%env(GRAYLOG_PORT)%'
                chunk_size: 8154
            formatter: paysera_logging_extra.formatter.gelf_message     # registered by the bundle
            nested: true

    dsn: '%env(SENTRY_DSN)%'
    register_error_listener: false
            enabled: true
            level: error
        environment: '%kernel.environment%'
        release: '%env(VERSION)%' # your app version, optional
        send_attempts: 1

  application_name: app-something   # customise this to know which project message was sent from


Log with INFO level and above to get messages in Graylog.

Log with ERROR level and above to get messages in Sentry.

Log with DEBUG level to get messages in Graylog in case any error occurs in the same request / process. To find those, start with error in Sentry and search messages in Graylog by provided correlation_id.

Semantic versioning

This bundle follows semantic versioning.

Public API of this bundle (in other words, you should only use these features if you want to easily update to new versions):

  • only services that are not marked as public="false";
  • only classes, interfaces and class methods that are marked with @api;
  • console commands;
  • supported DIC tags.

For example, if only class method is marked with @api, you should not extend that class, as constructor could change in any release.

See Symfony BC rules for basic information about what can be changed and what not in the API. Keep in mind, that in this bundle everything is @internal by default.

Running tests

composer update
composer test


Feel free to create issues and give pull requests.

You can fix any code style issues using this command:

composer fix-cs

Running dependencies locally

cd example
docker-compose up -d
docker-compose exec sentry sentry upgrade

You'll find Graylog at http://localhost:9001/ and Sentry at http://localhost:9002/.

Open Graylog, login with admin admin, choose System -> Inputs -> GELF UDP -> Launch new input -> input any title and select the node -> Save.

Open Sentry, login with user created by the last command, choose Installation instructions -> Symfony2 -> copy the credentials part (protocol, hostname and port might be missing). Run following command, exchanging HERE_GOES_CREDENTIALS with real credentials:

export SENTRY_DSN=http://HERE_GOES_CREDENTIALS@localhost:9002/1

And run test PHP script:

php test.php

View logged data in Graylog and Sentry instances. Change the code for further test scenarios or just use Graylog and Sentry to set-up and test your real project.

Cleanup afterwards:

docker-compose down