Updater for Laravel Dusk ChromeDriver binaries

v2.4.0 2023-10-14 09:13 UTC


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This is a fork based on staudenmeir/dusk-updater but uses Symfony Console to allow it to be used outside of Laravel installation.


This Symfony command updates your Laravel Dusk ChromeDriver binaries to the latest or specified release.

Supports all versions of Laravel Dusk especially those used outside of Laravel installation.


composer require --dev orchestra/dusk-updater


Updating ChromeDriver

Download the latest stable ChromeDriver release:

./vendor/bin/dusk-updater update

You can also specify the major Chrome/Chromium version you are using:

./vendor/bin/dusk-updater update 109

Or you directly specify the desired ChromeDriver version:

./vendor/bin/dusk-updater update 109.0.5414.74

If Dusk is still using the previous version after the update, there is probably an old ChromeDriver process running that you need to terminate first.

Checking Chrome Versions

You can check if the installed Chrome and ChromeDriver version using:

./vendor/bin/dusk-updater detect

The command will prompt you to download a new ChromeDriver if it is outdated.

Specify the absolute path to your custom Chrome/Chromium installation (not supported on Windows):

./vendor/bin/dusk-updater detect --chrome-dir=/usr/bin/google-chrome

Finally, you can also tell the command to automatically download a new version if it is outdated using:

./vendor/bin/dusk-updater detect --auto-update