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This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A skeleton project for Slim 3

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Prisma is a skeleton project based on Slim 3, and Twig.

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This project comes configured with:

  • Slim 3
  • Routes
  • Single Action Controllers
  • Logging (Monolog)
  • Translations (Symfony)
  • Sessions
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Database Query Builder (cakephp/database)
  • Database Migrations (Phinx)
  • Database Migration Generator
  • Date and time (Chronos)
  • Console Commands (Symfony)
  • Unit testing (phpunit)


  • CSRF protection
  • CORS
  • Session
  • Language
  • Authentication


  • Twig (slim/twig-view)
  • Assets (js, css) minification and caching
  • Twig translations

Continous integration:

  • Tested on Travis CI and Scrutinizer CI
  • Unit tests
  • Integration tests (http and database)
  • PHPStan
  • Code style checker and fixer (PSR-1, PSR-2, PSR-12)
  • DocBlock checker (PSR-5)
  • Ant scripts
  • Deployment scripts


  • PHP 7.2+
  • MySQL 5.7+
  • Apache + mod_rewrite
  • Apache Ant


  • NPM


Install Prisma with Composer.


Full documentation of this application can be found here: https://odan.github.io/prisma/.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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