OAT LTI 1.3 Symfony Bundle

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Symfony bundle for LTI 1.3 implementations, as platforms and / or as tools.

This bundle automates the usage of the LTI 1.3 Core library within your Symfony application.

Table of Contents


$ composer require oat-sa/bundle-lti1p3

The associated flex recipe will generate in your application:

  • config/routes/lti1p3.yaml: configurable bundle routes (JWKS, OIDC)
  • config/packages/lti1p3.yaml: configurable bundle configuration
  • LTI1P3_SERVICE_ENCRYPTION_KEY: configurable (.env) variable (signatures security)


You can find below some tutorials, presented by topics.

Quick start

Messages interactions

Services interactions


To run provided tests:

$ vendor/bin/phpunit

Note: see phpunit file for available suites.