OAT LTI 1.3 Symfony Bundle

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IMS certified Symfony bundle for LTI 1.3 implementations, as platforms and / or as tools.

This bundle automates the usage of the TAO LTI 1.3 PHP framework libraries within your Symfony application.

Table of Contents

TAO LTI 1.3 PHP framework

This bundle is part of the TAO LTI 1.3 PHP framework.


$ composer require oat-sa/bundle-lti1p3

The associated flex recipe will generate in your application:

  • config/routes/lti1p3.yaml: configurable bundle routes (JWKS, OIDC)
  • config/packages/lti1p3.yaml: configurable bundle configuration
  • LTI1P3_SERVICE_ENCRYPTION_KEY: configurable (.env) variable (signatures security)


You can find below the bundle documentation, presented by topics.

Quick start

Messages interactions

Services interactions


To run provided tests:

$ vendor/bin/phpunit

Note: see phpunit file for available suites.