OAT LTI 1.3 Core Library

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PHP library for LTI 1.3 Core implementations as platforms and / or as tools.

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$ composer require oat-sa/lib-lti1p3-core


You can find below the implementations of the main concepts of the LTI 1.3 Core specification.

Platforms, tools and registrations

  • Platform: any kind of platform that needs to delegate bits of functionality out to a suite of tools.
  • Tool: external application or service providing functionality to a platform.
  • Registration: defines the scope of contexts under which a tool is made available for a platform.


Messages represent integration between platforms and tools intermediated by a user's browser.

  • LTI Message: reference to an exchange between platforms and tools in message based communications.
  • LTI Message Payload: reference to the payload (JWT) of an exchange between platforms and tools in message based communications, containing LTI claims.
  • LTI Resource Link: reference to a resource made available from a tool for a platform.
  • LTI Resource Link Launch: refers to the process in which a user interacts with an LTI Resource Link within the platform and is subsequently "launched" into a tool.


Services represent direct connections between platforms and tools (without involving user's browser).

  • Server: server side of LTI service
  • Client: client side of LTI service


You can find below some tutorials, presented by topics.

Quick start

Messages interactions

Services interactions


To run tests:

$ vendor/bin/phpunit

Note: see phpunit.xml.dist for available test suites.