Contao Plugin for managing stores (or in common address data) and providing a frontend-search based on geo data

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v4.3.3 2024-07-12 06:55 UTC


License: LGPL v3


This extension offers the possibility to create multiple lists containing address data, contact information as well as opening times. From the Frontend the user can enter any possible address to see which stores are nearby (like on Google Maps). Read more


Editing a single store

System requirements


  • Install via Contao Manager or Composer (composer require numero2/contao-storelocator)
  • Run a database update via the Contao-Installtool or using the contao:migrate command.

Using other providers

StoreLocator comes pre-bundled with a provider for Google Maps. If you want to use another provider you'll need to install additional packages:


By default the importer will populate the model with the fields for the current row and the key provided in the first row of the file. For custom handling feel free to use the contao.storelocator_store_import event:

// src/EventListener/StoreImportListener.php
namespace App\EventListener;

use numero2\StoreLocatorBundle\Event\StoreImportEvent;
use numero2\StoreLocatorBundle\Event\StoreLocatorEvents;
use Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\Attribute\AsEventListener;

class StoreImportListener {

    public function __invoke( StoreImportEvent $event ): void {
        // …