Ibexa bridge to eZ Publish Legacy

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This package integrates eZ Publish Legacy into eZ Platform. It is an enhanced version of LegacyBundle that were part of eZ Publish 5.x, providing even more features to simplify running Platform stack and legacy together.

It is meant to be installed as an addition to eZ Platform 1.13.x - 2.x installs when you need legacy for migration.

NOTE: Legacy bridge will not be supported on eZ Platform 3.x eZ Platform 3.x aims to finally start improving database schema again, which will break legacy comparability. Recommendation is to use eZ Platform / Platform Enterprise 2.5LTS to handle migration needs, and once done evaluate 3.x upgrade.

See for the installation procedure.

Reporting issues

As Legacy Bridge is co-maintained by the community and eZ Engineering (as active community members), issues found can be reported directly here on Github. There is no SLA on fixes, this is all on voluntary basis, and we welcome you in contributing to issues in any form you you are capable of.

For Enterprise Customers

As of version 1.3.0 you can optionally report issues via normal support channels as well where you do have an SLA on response time. But as always if you know a possible fix, proposing a PR as well here can speed up the issue identification and fixing a lot so we encourage eZ Partners to actively participate whenever they can, as it benefits themselves as well as the customer.