Netgen's html text field type for Ibexa

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1.0.0 2024-02-08 14:43 UTC

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Html text field type for Ibexa CMS offers the possibility to render WYSIWYG field both on the frontend and in Ibexa administration.

Installation steps

Use Composer

Run composer require:

composer require netgen/ibexa-fieldtype-html-text

Activate the bundle

Activate the bundle in config/bundles.php file.


return [

    Netgen\IbexaFieldTypeHtmlTextBundle\NetgenIbexaFieldTypeHtmlTextBundle::class => ['all' => true],,


Include the javascript file on the frontend

Inside the base twig file for your frontend siteaccess, include the built app.js file:

<script src="{{ asset('bundles/netgenibexafieldtypehtmltext/build/app.js') }}"></script>