Flow package with a custom Flow Form Framework Form Element that renders Multi columns

1.1.2 2023-08-01 15:10 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-12-01 00:05:41 UTC


This package adds a new Form Element Wwwision.Form.MultiColumnSection:TwoColumns to the default preset that allows to render Multi-Column sections within Forms of the Flow Form Framework.

It includes:

  • Form Framework Element definition in Settings.yaml, including the corresponding custom PHP implementation
  • The Fusion & Node Type definition required to make this work with the neos/form-builder
  • A Fluid template that will be used when rendering the form with the default FluidFormRenderer
  • A Fusion prototype that will be used when rendering the form with the neos/form-fusionrenderer


Install this package using GIT:

git clone https://github.com/bwaidelich/Wwwision.Form.MultiColumnSection.git Packages/Application/Wwwision.Form.MultiColumnSection

And make sure to rescan the installed packages so that it is properly installed:

./flow flow:package:rescan

Note: This package requires the neos/form package in version 4.0 or higher

Usage in the Neos Form Builder

In the Neos backend there's now a new Content Element type that can be added to node-based Forms:

Create Wizard

When inserted, child elements can be added to the column1Elements or column2Elements FormElementCollections.

Usage from Fusion

This Form Element can also be used from Fusion like this

prototype(Some.Package:SomeForm) < prototype(Neos.Form.Builder:Form) {
    presetName = 'somePreset'
    firstPage {
        elements {
            twoCols = Wwwision.Form.MultiColumnSection:TwoColumns.Definition {
                label = 'Name and Email'
                column1Elements {
                    name = Neos.Form.Builder:SingleLineText.Definition {
                        label = 'Name'
                column2Elements {
                    email = Neos.Form.Builder:SingleLineText.Definition {
                        label = 'Email'
                        validators {
                            emailAddress = Neos.Form.Builder:EmailAddressValidator.Definition

Usage in YAML Form definitions

The structure of the YAML Form definition is strict, so it's not allowed to use custom keys like column1Elements. Instead the column assignment is done via a custom renderingOption "_column":

type: 'Neos.Form:Form'
identifier: some-identifier
        type: 'Neos.Form:Page'
        identifier: page1
                type: 'Wwwision.Form.MultiColumnSection:TwoColumns'
                identifier: two-columns
                label: 'Two Columns'
                        type: 'Neos.Form:SingleLineText'
                        identifier: name
                          _column: 1
                        label: "Name"
                        type: 'Neos.Form:SingleLineText'
                        identifier: email
                          _column: 2
                        label: "Email"
                                identifier: 'Neos.Flow:EmailAddress'