Flow package with examples and helpers to implement secure form uploads

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Flow package with examples and helpers to implement secure form uploads


When using the default FileUpload element of the Flow Form Framework instances of PersistentResource are created in the default (persistent) resource collection that creates publicly accessible URLs for each resource. This package configures all FileUpload fields to use a new resource collection formUploads that uses "private resources" provided by the wwwision/privateresources package.

This also contains a Form finisher that removes uploaded resources once they have been processed or sent via email for example.


composer require wwwision/form-securefileupload


By installing this package, files that are uploaded via the FileUpload form element are automatically stored in the protected formUploads resource collection.

Cleanup uploaded files

With this package, uploaded files are no longer accessible from the "outside" without a valid token (see https://github.com/bwaidelich/Wwwision.PrivateResources). However, they are still persisted in the servers filesystem (by default) and referenced via the neos_flow_resourcemanagement_persistentresource database table.

In order to remove uploaded files after they have been processed, the provided RemoveUploads finisher can be used.

From the form definition (yaml):

type: 'Neos.Form:Form'
identifier: 'contact'
label: 'Contact form'
    type: 'Neos.Form:Page'
    identifier: 'page-one'
    # renderables: ...
    # process uploads (e.g. send via email)
    identifier: 'Neos.Form:Email'
      attachAllPersistentResources: true
      # ...
    # delete persistent resources
    identifier: 'Wwwision.Form.SecureFileUpload:RemoveUploadsFinisher'

Note: In the current implementation the RemoveUploads finisher iterates over all form elements and deletes all instances of PersistentResource. For a more fine granular behavior you should create a custom finisher (or send a pull request my way *g)

Form Builder

This package can be used with the neos/form-builder package of course. In order to be able to attach the finisher from the backend, a corresponding Node Type and fusion definition is required:


    'Neos.Form.Builder:AbstractFinisher': true
    label: 'Remove Uploads Finisher'
    icon: 'icon-trash'


prototype(Your.Package:RemoveUploadsFinisher.Definition) < prototype(Neos.Form.Builder:Finisher.Definition) {
    formElementType = 'Wwwision.Form.SecureFileUpload:Finisher.RemoveUploads'