This package adds the ability to store inputs of a form (or other input) into database and export the stored data as xlsx.

1.2.6 2021-06-21 15:49 UTC


This package adds the ability to store values of a form (or other input) into database and export the stored data as xlsx, xls, ods, csv or html.


To install the package simply run

composer require wegmeister/databasestorage


❗ The DatabaseStorage stores your data as JSON. Therefore only the Labels of the first entry can be used for the headline/export. Keep that in mind and try to avoid changing your forms later on. Whenever you add a now field after someone already entered some data, the new field would not exist in the headline row of the exported table ❗

You can add the DatabaseStorage Finisher in two ways:

Add DatabaseStorage using yaml definitions

Add the DatabaseStorage a finisher in your form definition/yaml file:

type: 'Neos.Form:Form'
identifier: 'some-identifier'
label: 'My form'
  # Your renderables / form fields go here

    identifier: 'Wegmeister.Database:DatabaseStorageFinisher'
      # The identifier is used to group your data in the database.
      # You should avoid using the same identifier twice or your data could become a little messed up.
      identifier: 'my-form-data'

Add DatabaseStorage using the new Neos Form-Builder

You can also use the DatabseStorage with the new Neos.Form.Builder. You should be able to simply add DatabaseStorage as a finisher to your formular.

Don't forget to set an (unique) identifier!

Available settings

The following settings are available and can be overridden by your Settings.yaml:

    # Creator name of the exported files
    creator: 'die wegmeister gmbh'
    # Title for the exported files
    title: 'Database Export'
    # Subject for the exported files
    subject: 'Database Export'
    # DateTime format if the datetime is included in the export
    datetimeFormat: 'Y-m-d H:i:s'