SellerCenter PHP-SDK


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Welcome to the SellerCenter SDK repository.


The recommended way to install this package is through composer.

composer require mobly/sellercenter-sdk

Quick examples

Here you can check sample usage of all SellerCenter API methods current available through this SDK.


  • GetProducts - Get all or a range of products
  • ProductCreate - Create a new product
  • ProductUpdate - Update the attributes of one or more existing products
  • ProductRemove - Removes one or more products
  • Image - Set the Images for a Product, by associating one or more URLs with it
  • GetBrands - Get all or a range of product brands
  • GetCategoryTree - Get the list of all product categories
  • GetCategoryAttributes - Returns a list of attributes with options for a given category. It will also display attributes for TaxClass and ShipmentType, with their possible values listed as options
  • GetCategoriesByAttributeSet - Returns a list of all attribute set categories


  • FeedList - Returns all feeds created in the last 30 days
  • FeedOffsetList - Returns all or a subset of all feeds created in the last 30 days
  • FeedCount - Feed Statistics
  • FeedCancel - Cancel all queued feeds
  • GetFeedRawInput - For specified feeds, returns the XML requests originally passed in when the feed was created
  • FeedStatus - Returns detailed information about a specified feed


Shipment Provider

Seller Endpoints

  • GetMetrics - Returns sales and order metric for a specified period
  • GetPayoutStatus - Returns sales and order metric for a specified period
  • GetStatistics - Returns sales and orders metrics for a specified period

External reference

Contributing, support and issues

Please support this project send pull requests.

Follow PSR-2 rules, add the comments where needed, and provide sample explanation in the commit message.

Write unit tests for new features and grant that all existing tests passes before submiting a pull-request.

  • To run unit tests just run make test or [vendor/bin/]phpunit from root directory
  • To generate code coverage report run make coverage (and if you are using Mac OS run make coverage-show to open report in your browser)

Preferably before creating a pull request squash your commits into a single commit.

All contributors/authors are listed on contributors page.

If you found any issue during use please report it on issues page.