Expressive Skeleton 3 - Mobingi PHP Base


$ composer create-project mobingilabs/php-microservice-base your_service_name_here

Follow the composer instructions and it will generate the project using data provided in the wizard.

Expressive Skeleton 3 - [SERVICE_NAME] Micro-service

Application Development Mode Tool

This skeleton comes with zf-development-mode. It provides a composer script to allow you to enable and disable development mode.

To enable development mode

Note: Do NOT run development mode on your production server!

$ composer development-enable

Note: Enabling development mode will also clear your configuration cache, to allow safely updating dependencies and ensuring any new configuration is picked up by your application.

To disable development mode

$ composer development-disable

Development mode status

$ composer development-status

Configuration caching

By default, the skeleton will create a configuration cache in data/config-cache.php. When in development mode, the configuration cache is disabled, and switching in and out of development mode will remove the configuration cache.

You may need to clear the configuration cache in production when deploying if you deploy to the same directory. You may do so using the following:

$ composer clear-config-cache

You may also change the location of the configuration cache itself by editing the config/config.php file and changing the config_cache_path entry of the local $cacheConfig variable.

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