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A command line tool for interfacing with Uses the REST API.


  • PHP 7.4 or higher, with cURL support
  • Git - Currently required to apply and create patches. Very useful for contributing patches back to an issue.


Installing manually

  1. Download the drupalorg.phar file from the latest release.

  2. Rename the file to drupalorg, ensure it is executable, and move it into a directory in your PATH (use echo $PATH to see your options).

  3. Run drupalorg and verify you can see the list of available commands.

Installing via Composer (deprecated)

Use the following command to install the command line tool via Composer:

composer global require mglaman/drupalorg-cli

Installing (Bash) completion

drupalorg comes with completion support for all commands, excluding options.

To activate it, either source the completion file or add it to the system-wide completion directory, normally /etc/bash_completion.d/.

In your .bashrc (or .profile) add

source [...]/vendor/mglaman/drupalorg-cli/


Automatic updating is not yet supported. You will need to manually download new releases.


Use the 'list' command to see available commands.

drupalorg list


Available commands:
  help                                 Displays help for a command
  list                                 Lists commands
  cache:clear (cc)                     Clears caches
  drupalci:list (ci:l)                 Lists test results for an issue
  drupalci:watch (ci:w)                Watches a Drupal CI job
  issue:apply                          Applies the latest patch from an issue.
  issue:branch                         Creates a branch for the issue.
  issue:interdiff                      Generate an interdiff for the issue from local changes.
  issue:link                           Opens an issue
  issue:patch                          Generate a patch for the issue from committed local changes.
  maintainer:issues (mi)               Lists issues for a user, based on maintainer.
  maintainer:release-notes (rn, mrn)   Generate release notes.
  project:issues (pi)                  Lists issues for a project.
  project:kanban                       Opens project kanban
  project:link                         Opens project page
  project:release-notes (prn)          View release notes for a release
  project:releases                     Lists available releases
  travisci:list (tci:l)                Lists Travis Ci builds for a Drupal project
  travisci:watch (tci:w)               Watches a Travis CI job

Getting Started

Working with project issues

If you want to use this to generate patches that you can contribute back to a Drupal project, it's best to work within a cloned repo of that project. To get instructions for cloning a project's repo, visit the "Version Control" tab on the project page.

From within the directory of the project we're working on:

  • drupalorg issue:apply [issue number] - Create a new branch for the given issue, apply the latest patch on the issue to the new branch, then commit the changes locally.
  • drupalorg issue:patch [issue number] - Create a new patch for the given issue from the changes committed locally.


Installing and running from source

  1. Clone the repository
  2. In the drupalorg-cli directory, run composer install
  3. Run the script with ./drupalorg