Debug bar in the browser for php application

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Displays a debug bar in the browser with information from php. No more var_dump() in your code!



  • Generic debug bar
  • Easy to integrate with any project
  • Clean, fast and easy to use interface
  • Handles AJAX request
  • Includes generic data collectors and collectors for well known libraries
  • The client side bar is 100% coded in javascript
  • Easily create your own collectors and their associated view in the bar
  • Save and re-open previous requests
  • Very well documented

Includes collectors for:

Checkout the demo for examples and for a live example.

Integrations with other frameworks:

(drop me a message or submit a PR to add your DebugBar related project here)


The best way to install DebugBar is using Composer with the following command:

composer require maximebf/debugbar

Quick start

DebugBar is very easy to use and you can add it to any of your projects in no time. The easiest way is using the render() functions


// Require the Composer autoloader, if not already loaded
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use DebugBar\StandardDebugBar;

$debugbar = new StandardDebugBar();
$debugbarRenderer = $debugbar->getJavascriptRenderer();

$debugbar["messages"]->addMessage("hello world!");
        <?php echo $debugbarRenderer->renderHead() ?>
        <?php echo $debugbarRenderer->render() ?>

The DebugBar uses DataCollectors to collect data from your PHP code. Some of them are automated but others are manual. Use the DebugBar like an array where keys are the collector names. In our previous example, we add a message to the MessagesCollector:

$debugbar["messages"]->addMessage("hello world!");

StandardDebugBar activates the following collectors:

  • MemoryCollector (memory)
  • MessagesCollector (messages)
  • PhpInfoCollector (php)
  • RequestDataCollector (request)
  • TimeDataCollector (time)
  • ExceptionsCollector (exceptions)

Learn more about DebugBar in the docs.


To run the demo, clone this repository and start the Built-In PHP webserver from the root:

php -S localhost:8000

Then visit http://localhost:8000/demo/


To test, run php vendor/bin/phpunit. To debug Browser tests, you can run PANTHER_NO_HEADLESS=1 vendor/bin/phpunit --debug