A set of utilities aimed at consuming HTTP API services

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Service API -----------

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A set of utilities aimed at consuming HTTP API services.


For questions and support please visit the slack channel (get an invite here).


Install it using composer.

composer require matryoshka-model/service-api


This library provides two factories for Zend\ServiceManager to make Zend\Http\Client and Matryoshka\Service\Api\Client\HttpApi available as services.

In order to use them in a ZF2 application register the provided factories into its configuration:

'service_manager'    => [
    'factories' => [
        'Matryoshka\Service\Api\Client\HttpClient' => 'Matryoshka\Service\Api\Service\HttpClientServiceFactory',
    'abstract_factories' => [

Then, in your configuration you can add the matryoshka-httpclient and matryoshka-service-api nodes and configure them as in the following example:

'matryoshka-httpclient' => [
    'uri'       => '', //base uri
    ... //any other options available for Zend\Http\Client

'matryoshka-service-api'    => [
    'YourApiServiceName' => [
        'http_client'        => 'Matryoshka\Service\Api\Client\HttpClient', // http client service name
        'base_request'       => 'Zend\Http\Request',                        // base request service name
        'valid_status_code'  => [],                                         // Array of int code valid
        'request_format'     => 'json',                                     // string json/xml
        'profiler'           => '',                                         // profiler service name