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Mathematicator Tokenizer is a simple library for converting string math formulas to a stream of tokens with LaTeX support.


composer require mathematicator-core/tokenizer


  • Convert all your math formulas to a stream of tokens
  • Convert user math input to LaTeX
  • Render the tokens tree map for debug


Inject the Tokenizer service via DI and tokenize your query.

use \Mathematicator\Tokenizer\Tokenizer;

$tokenizer = new Tokenizer(/* some dependencies */);

// Convert math formula to an array of tokens:
$tokens = $tokenizer->tokenize('(5+3)*(2/(7+3))');

// Now you can convert tokens to a more useful format:
$objectTokens = $tokenizer->tokensToObject($tokens);

var_dump($objectTokens); // Return typed tokens with meta data

// Render to LaTeX
echo $tokenizer->tokensToLatex($objectTokens);

// Render to debug tree (extremely fast):
echo $tokenizer->renderTokensTree($objectTokens);


The tokenizer uses automatic configuration based on DI. Just use the DI container and the service will be fully available.

Mathematicator Framework tools structure

The biggest advantage is that you can choose which layer best fits your needs and start build on the top of it, immediately, without the need to create everything by yourself. Our tools are tested for bugs and tuned for performance, so you can save a significant amount of your time, money, and effort.

Framework tend to be modular as much as possible, so you should be able to create an extension on each layer and its sublayers.

Mathematicator framework layers ordered from the most concrete one to the most abstract one:

Search Modular search engine layer that calls its sublayers and creates user interface.
Vizualizator Elegant graphic visualizer that can render to SVG, PNG, JPG and Base64.
Extensions: Mandelbrot set generator
Calculator Modular advance calculations layer.
Extensions: Integral Solver , Statistics
Engine Core logic layer that maintains basic controllers, DAOs, translator, common exceptions, routing etc.
Tokenizer Tokenizer that can convert string (user input / LaTeX) to numbers and operators.
Numbers Fast & secure storage for numbers with arbitrary precision. It supports Human string and LaTeX output and basic conversions.

Third-party packages:

⚠️ Not guaranteed!

REST API Install the whole pack as a REST API service on your server (Docker ready) or access it via public cloud REST API.


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All new contributions should have its unit tests in /tests directory.

Before you send a PR, please, check all tests pass.

This package uses Nette Tester. You can run tests via command:

composer test

For benchmarking, we use phpbench. You can run benchmarks this way:

composer global require phpbench/phpbench @dev # only the first time
phpbench run

Before PR, please run complete code check via command:

composer cs:install # only first time
composer fix # otherwise pre-commit hook can fail