Event store, domain repositories and preference API for PHP, with a Symfony bundle

1.1.3 2020-04-01 12:45 UTC

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Last update: 2020-04-01 12:46:04 UTC


Set of tools for developing applications based upon a message bus, event store and the goat-query database connector and query builder, along with a Symfony bundle to configure those tools.

All tools provided can function independently.


Event store and event dispatcher

This package provide a very basic yet functionning event store component.

Along with the event store a message dispatcher interface, that should hide symfony/messenger component if you use it, or allow you to plug any other message handling backend.

Please see the README.domain.md file for more information.

Domain object repository

This package provide default domain objects or entities repository, with basic CRUD functionnality, pluged over the goat-query database query builder.

Symfony messenger and serializer decorators

In this package is provided a wrapper around symfony/messenger own serializer instance that maps business orientend arbitrary names to PHP class names, allowing external messages consumption.

It also provide the equivalent feature for symfony/serializer.

Preference API

Preference API is a key-value store interface, accompagnied with a SQL implementation, that is store user-set application configuration values.

It is per default fast for reading, and slow for writing.

It is plugged into symfony/dependency-injection using a hack around environment variable processor, which allows you to use preference values as services configuration transparently without hard-wiring the preference API into your services.

Please see the README.preferences.md file for more information.

Symfony bundle

It should wire everything.

Please see the README.bundle.md file for more information.

Monolog integration

Provide some extra options for monolog.

Please see the README.monolog.md file for more information.