Goat bundle

1.0.0-alpha1 2019-01-12 11:31 UTC


This packages provides autoconfiguration and integration of the goat database tools for the Symfony framework.


  • plugs goat-query and the query runner on Doctrine if available,

  • plugs goat-hydrator and with the runner altogether if both are available,

  • discover and autoconfigure domain repositories.


composer req makinacorpus/goat-bundle \
    makinacorpus/goat-query \

Then add the following bundles into your Symfony bundle registration point:

  • Goat\Bridge\Symfony\GoatBundle for query runner and query builder availability (for this one you need a default Doctrine DBAL connection to be configured in your Symfony app),

  • Goat\Hydrator\Bridge\Symfony\GoatHydratorBundle for object hydration.


If everything was successfuly configured, you may use one of the following classes in dependency injection context (ie. services constructor arguments or controllers action methods parameters):

  • Goat\Runner\Runner gives you a runner instance plugged onto the default Doctrine DBAL connection,

  • Goat\Query\QueryBuilder gives you a query factory instance.

Advanced configuration

None as of now - since Doctrine is the only driver available, all configuration happens in Doctrine and not in this bundle.

You should end up with a configuration such as this:

        driver: doctrine
        enabled: true